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4 Common Reasons Your Smartphone Is Overheating

It's common for people nowadays to use their smartphones throughout the day for everything from keeping up with work emails to streaming online videos. Even with modern smartphones used so extensively, they should stay relatively cool. Some heat is common, but your smartphone has been designed to dissipate the heat it creates. However, owners may sometimes find their smartphones becoming hotter than they should.

Since that can severely harm the phone, it's worth learning some of the reasons why overheating occurs so you can take steps to avoid damage. Here are just four common culprits.

1. Out-of-Date Apps

If you're like most smartphone owners, you'll have a lot of apps on your device, and many of those will be apps you don't even use anymore. This can become a problem when those apps aren't updated. When your smartphone is still running out-of-date apps, bugs may develop with that app that cause it to do things such as consume more memory or get stuck in a loop. Such issues make your smartphone work harder, which will in turn result in the device getting hotter.

2. Unofficial Chargers

It can be tempting to rely on cheap unofficial chargers to keep your smartphone's battery topped up. Unfortunately, those chargers are rarely designed and produced to the same high standards adopted by the smartphone's original manufacturer. When a bad charger is used, your smartphone's battery can be overcharged. This isn't just bad for the battery—it also means your device will create a lot of heat.

3. Internal Damage

If you've started to notice your smartphone getting hotter than before after dropping it, one of the internal parts could have been damaged. For example, the thermal paste that links the processor and the heat sink may be damaged, or a component that has been knocked loose could create a short circuit. Such issues may not stop your smartphone from running, but they could cause overheating.

4. Cheap Phone Covers

Smartphone cases are designed to keep your device protected, but they can actually end up doing damage. If you use a low-quality smartphone case, especially a particularly thick or bulky one, it can act as an insulator that reduces the device's ability to dissipate heat. Additionally, cheaper smartphone cases will usually have been designed to fit a wide variety of smartphones instead of your exact model. As such, they may block areas of your smartphone that are vital for proper ventilation.

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