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Mobile Apps Development: Four Tips for Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

If you are in the process of developing a mobile application for your business, you should think about the possibility of incorporating elements of artificial intelligence. In the past, this type of technology was only reserved for major corporations with a lot of resources. However, the advancement in the field has made AI tools more accessible. As a result, it is possible to optimise simple mobile apps and make them more efficient by using artificial intelligence. Here are some ways in which you should consider incorporating AI in mobile app development.

Plan for Bot Chatting

Direct contact with customers is essential for keeping a good working relationship. However, the cost of hiring dedicated staff for responding to clients at all times can be high. It is an inefficient use of resources. If you are struggling with this aspect in your business operations, you should think about incorporating an AI bot for chatting purposes. This type of tool will allow customers to present their queries and comments. The bot will provide appropriate responses and record the information if further action is required.

Utilise Speech Recognition

People have become more dependent on using voice commands to accomplish tasks on their smartphones. This type of technology promotes convenience and provides a more pleasant experience for those who love multitasking. Therefore, it is prudent to consider enhancing your mobile app by installing speech recognition AI tools. These are designed to listen to speech, translate into a suitable machine language and provide appropriate responses or accomplish certain tasks.

Consider Natural Language

The primary problem which arises as businesses put more effort in using machines to interact with customers is unnatural language. In simple terms, when a customer communicates with a computer program or bot, they will feel the lack of human touch. This can make the experience unpleasant for the client. Therefore, it is advisable to consider using natural language AI tools for your apps. These are built with special programs to mimic human interactions so that they are able to generate natural responses and language.

Think About Forecasting

Finally, you should use artificial intelligence in your mobile apps for the purpose of forecasting. It is important for you to be able to predict customer behaviour so that you can maximise sales. In general, the forecasting aspect in apps depends on machine learning. The technology collects information about the users of the app. The data is analysed and patterns are found. If you use this technology, you will find that the app will become more intuitive. 

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