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3 Best Locations to Install a 4G Lift Phone Booster Antenna

When developing a multi-story building, elevators are mandatory. However, an elevator is never complete without some form of communication for passengers. 4G lift phones have become compulsory and the go-to communication equipment for modern buildings, especially after the rollout of the NBN network in Australia. While 4G lift phones have excellent coverage, the environment within which lifts operate can block cellular coverage. It is especially the case if the elevators are centrally located such that thick walls surround them. Things get trickier if the building has a high number of floors. The best solution for such a problem is to boost 4G coverage in elevators. This article highlights the different areas you can install an antenna for efficient network coverage. 

1. Elevator Hall Antenna -- It is arguably the most used solutions for building s with a high number of floors. It can be attributed to the simplicity and effectiveness of the antenna since installation does not require special equipment. The antenna is placed near an elevator's entrance thereby boosting the cellular coverage. However, if the building has many floors, it is not practical to install one or two hall antennas per floor because of potential interference. Notably, you a couple of hall antennas after every few stories to ensure consistent network boosting throughout a building's elevator system.

2. Directional Antenna in Elevator Shaft -- It is another solution for boosting coverage in elevators with network fluctuations. However, unlike an elevator hall antenna, building owners and premise managers need permission from local authorities to set up this kind of antennas. For the solution to work effectively, the antenna should be installed on the elevator shaft. The reason is that the shaft acts as a waveguide that helps to guide sufficient Radio Waves towards the elevator. However, it is vital to understand that the amount of coaxial cable required for installation of the 4g phones depends on the location of the technical room and the number of floors. If there are many floors and the technical office is located on the ground floor, then you need an extensive coaxial cable. On the other hand, fewer floors and a central control room that is located on the central floor requires low volumes of the coaxial cable.

3. An antenna in Elevator -- If you decide to install an antenna inside an elevator, then you need a passive repeater in the lift as well. Since repeaters allow extended transmissions, they allow 4G signals to cover longer distances. Therefore, installing antennas inside an elevator is an ideal solution for 4g lift phones on tall skyscrapers.