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All You Need to Consider When Installing an Intercom System for Your Residential Building

Currently, most homeowners are opting to upgrade their homes to meet the digital age standards, especially when technological advancements are considered. One common feature in such homes is the intercom system. An intercom system is like a paging system that is mostly used for communication with any or all members of a home. So instead of having to yell to get the attention of the people in question and receiving more yells in return, you can use an intercom system. There are so many advantages to having such a system, the most important advantages being increased convenience and security. If you are thinking of installing an intercom system in your home, please read on to find out what you should pay the most attention to.

Hardwired or wireless?

In modern times, it is possible to have an intercom system that does not necessarily mean a lot of wirework in your home. In a typical intercom setup, you will have the master station, substations within the house in places like the bedrooms and kitchen and outdoor substations potentially at the front door and back door. In addition, you can install an intercom at your gate, if you have one. In a wireless setup, most of the wiring will take place at the master station whereas the rest of the stations will be connected via wireless connections. In a hardwired setup, all the stations will be linked via wires.

Traditional or modern?

Traditional intercom systems are meant for communication. Such models are referred to as 'talk and listen', remote or slave models. However, presently, due to technological advancements, it is possible to integrate an entertainment hub into the intercom system. For instance, you may decide to connect music or radio to the stations so that you also get the benefits of entertainment. When thinking of installing an intercom system, you need to keep in mind which kind of model you prefer.

The range

Intercom systems vary depending on the range within which you would like it operate. Often, the wider the range, the more expensive the intercom system is in terms of purchasing and installation. Public places like schools and hospitals often require intercom systems with extremely wide ranges, some reaching as far as 1000 feet or farther. However, for residential purposes, you will not need such a wide range. It is advised that you consult your provider before deciding on the ideal range.

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