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3 Budget-Friendly Options You Can Consider When Choosing a Home Security Alarm System

If you are looking to enhance the security of your residence, then you should consider home security alarm systems. Some homeowners are under the wrong impression that these security systems are exclusive to wealthy people. The truth is that there are a number of economical options that you could choose from. This ensures that you can find an alarm system that can fit within your budget. If security is becoming a crucial concern for you, here are some of the different options you can consider when selecting a home security alarm system.

Magnetic alarm systems

If you are looking for an economical option for your home security system, you could consider magnetic alarms. These types of alarms can be installed on both doors and windows. A magnetic plate is attached to the frame of the door or the window. The alarm itself, referred to as an actuator, is attached to the door or window. When an intruder tries to open either the door or the windows, the connection between the actuator and the magnetic plate is broken. This causes the alarm to go off. Magnetic alarms are also great for homeowners who have children, as the alarm will alert you if they are attempting to leave the house.

Doorstop alarm systems

These types of alarm systems are aptly named because they appear similar to conventional doorstops that are used to hold your door in place. To use this alarm system, you would have it wedged beneath a door that has been closed. When an intruder tries to open the door, the doorstop alarm is triggered. For further security, you could opt to have your doorstop alarm come with motion sensors. The motion sensor works toward alerting you in the event someone tries to move the doorstop alarm before the intruder attempts to open the door.

Breakage alarm systems

As the name suggests, these types of alarm systems will alert you if one of your entryways or windows has been broken into. They are commonly installed on windows, but you could also use them on your doors. This is especially convenient if you have glass doors such as French doors. When an intruder tries to break the glass of a window or doors, the vibrations caused by the impact will trigger the alarm. This not only works to alert you, but it can also deter the burglar if they have not been able to actually break into your home already.