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What Every Business Owner Should Know About Cloud Data Recovery

One of the reasons that business move to cloud storage is the ease of accessing their data from any point and a reduced worry of loosing that data to computer failures. There is a misconception that having cloud storage means never loosing your data and not having to worry about recovery at all. Before you decide to throw everything into the cloud, consider some key points that every business owner should know about cloud data and recovery.

Issues that May Cause Cloud Data Loss

You may believe that a cloud data loss is only an issue with the cloud storage company you are using. The truth is, there are some issues that can originate from your business and not the cloud at all. These issues include a logical volume overwrite, deleted files, accidental reformatting, and corruption. One of the most common incidents is with deleting files or folders that contain information and not being able to reverse that deletion. A data recovery company can help with this issue, even when it is in the cloud.

Backup Redundancy

One of the key points you need to remember is to look for a cloud company that offers backup redundancy. This means that you will have a backup to your data and that backup will also be backed up in the cloud. This means that if you delete it, a copy will still remain on the cloud storage for a certain number of days or until you manually delete it, whichever is a guideline by the company. If you don't have backup redundancy you run the risk of the file being deleted and data recovery becoming your last chance of getting the information back.

Recovery Chances

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that data recovery may or may not be able to recover all of the missing data. They can recover a good portion of it, and in some cases all of the data, but prepare yourself for some data loss. This means considering backup options of the cloud data to ensure that you have at least some of your original data if the recovery doesn't work. You don't have to backup the data everyday, but having a month old copy of the data is still better than no data at all.

These are just a few things that you should consider about cloud data storage and recovery. If you have a cloud storage issues or data loss, contact a data recovery company like Tresami Computer Engineering as soon as possible to avoid possible loss of significant data.