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3 Fun & Practical Reasons to Have Whiteboards in the Home

A whiteboard, also often called a dry erase board, is a staple in most offices. It gives a person a chance to make notes during a presentation and then the board can be erased and used again and again. While they're commonplace in offices, you may want to think about having them in the home as well. The convenience they offer can be appreciated in a variety of ways. Note a few of those here.

1. As a calendar

Trying to keep a calendar that the entire family can see is often difficult; you may need to run this off on a small sheet of paper that doesn't give you much extra room for notes and comments. However, a whiteboard calendar can be set up however it works for your family.

For instance, you might not need a grid for an entire month, but just for a week when you have your children with you. Or, you may want to note just one special event that is happening soon; you might use the whiteboard for a wedding you're attending on a certain day, and then make a list what needs to be done before that, such as taking a suit to the cleaners, buying a gift, and so on. By having complete freedom to add and erase anything you wish quickly and easily, the entire family can be kept on schedule with a whiteboard calendar.

2. As a chore list

As with a calendar, trying to run off a chore list from your computer can be cumbersome, and trying to remember what everyone in the family is assigned to do throughout the week can also be tiresome. With a whiteboard, you can make columns with each family member's name at the top and then a list of chores they need to do that week. For yourself, you might list things you need to remember to get done throughout the week or on the weekend.

3. For communication

Families often need to remind each other of various things throughout the day or week, and these often get overlooked when you rely on verbal communication. When you have a whiteboard easily accessible, you can note if you took money out of the checking account, if you need to add something to a shopping list, if someone needs to fix something in the house that's broken, if you expect to be working late that day, and so on. Rather than trying to find paper to leave these notes or even relying on your own memory, a central whiteboard can make everyday communication that much easier on everyone.

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