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3 Ways Security Screens Can Protect You

Security screens not only keep out pests and dust, they also protect you from intruders and burglars. This article discusses how these security screens can protect you, and your loved ones.

They Deter Burglars

Burglars prefer breaking into homes quickly, getting what they can lay their hands on (like jewelry and cash) and getting out as soon as possible. To them, time is of the essence because the longer they stay the more they risk being discovered.

When they are staking out a property and they notice that there are security screens on the doors and windows, they will be reluctant to attempt to break into that home. You will therefore be safe because the security screens will have deterred these burglars from targeting your home.

They Buy You Time as First Responders Are Coming

No security system can claim to be 100% foolproof. There will be determined burglars or intruders who will attempt to break into a home even if there are security screens on all doors and windows. When that happens, the security screens can slow down the burglars from quickly breaking into your home.

The security screen makes it hard for the burglar to reach a window or door glass pane to break it in order to open that door or window from the inside. This is because the security screen blocks the burglar from stretching his or her hand to reach the side of the window or door where the screen is absent.

As the burglar struggles to open the door, it gives you time to call first responders like the police and the burglars will be intercepted before they make their getaway. Those precious minutes that the burglars take struggling to breach the security screen can be the defining factor between being robbed or surviving a robbery.

You Retain Your View of the Outside Without Compromising Security

Security screens allow you to retain your view of the outside (the ocean, a golf course, a public park or your garden) without having to install burglarproof bars that would make it difficult to see outside your windows. This is because security screens allow you to see outside from inside the house but those outside cannot easily see inside your home.

As the discussion above shows security screens protect you and your family without making the home appear to be like some kind of prison. You should therefore consider installing these security screens in your home so that you can also enjoy the benefits that they offer. Use resources like http://www.safeguardindustries.com.au to connect with experts or suppliers.